The Two Different Of Nursing Theory

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The Two Different of Nursing Theory Tam Nguyen The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences English Composition Ms. Ryan April 29, 2015 Some people ask what is nursing and what do nurses do? Nurses follow the nursing process to treat patient and they often use different theories to guide them. According to Peplau’s Theory of Nursing, she believe that nurses must clearly understand the purpose of nursing to promote their client’s growth, and nurse-patient interact. The role of nursing is to help others identify their health problems and nurses should apply the principles of nurse-patient relations to the problems that emphasize all levels of experience. Watson’s Theory defined nursing as the principle of nursing that can lead to the practice of loving-kindness between the one who is caring and the one who is being cared for, especially the caring activities performed by nurses as they interact with others. Although Peplau and Watson’s theory both desire interacting and caring for others, Watson’s theory is typically reflective of an excellent in human and heart-centered. Not only is it a relationship of caring for the self and others based on a foundation of love and values, but also it is a caring moment-to-moment between the nurses and others. In Peplau’s theory, I believe that nurse-patient relationships provide an opportunity for the nurse to identify himself or herself by name, professional status and the purpose in relation to the patient. For
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