The Two Escobars

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The film The Two Escobar’s, directed by Jeff and Michael Zimbalist, is a documentary about “narco-soccer”, which was a time period in Columbia when it was prevalent for drug kingpins to use soccer clubs to launder their money. One of the most infamous kingpins was Pablo Escobar. Pablo was typically known as a murderer in Columbia, but did have one passion in life, and that was soccer. The other Escobar, Andres, who had no blood relation to Pablo, was the star defensive player for Columbia’s soccer team. One thing these two had in common, besides their last name, was that the people in Columbia disliked them because of difficult circumstances they were put in. The people in Columbia viewed soccer as a way to unite their country.…show more content…
I do think Pablo and Andres both have amazing stories. Although both dead, their deaths strongly impacted Columbia and peoples lives in a huge way. Pablo was not only one of the biggest drug kingpins, but surprisingly to some people, he also had a heart and reached out to others. Not only did he build soccer fields in different neighborhoods, but he also built people homes. He was a god to some people, and I can kind of see why. He was basically a bittersweet individual. Watching the footage of his funeral was baffling. I was in awe when the people who attended his funeral opened up his casket and touch his dead body. Also, the amount of people there had to be in the thousands. It was an unbelievable sight to see, and I have literally never seen anything or anyone act like that after a death. Andres death was the most tragic. Someone being shot because of an accidental goal, that his teammates didn’t even take seriously. This just shows how much soccer is important to this country. His life really shows me how things could be perfect at one moment, but then can change at the snap of the fingers. His death was a real tragedy, and I do not think such a thing should have happened to him. My heart goes out to his poor family. They thought everything was looking up for him, and he could have potentially played for the soccer team in Milan, Italy, but all those dreams were crushed. If Andres was still
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