The Two Families That I Chose For This Assignment

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The two families that I chose for this assignment are the Poteats’ and the Reitans’ because they each embody a different type of sense making. There are three different types of sense-making, there is the family-unit sense-making which I will explain in detail later, there is the Individual sense-making which I will also explain further in detail later, and there is the incomplete sense-making. Incomplete sense making by definition is when no clear understanding emerges at either the family or individual level, it characterizes in one or more members not being engaged in story-telling, active participants attempt to seek out other’s perspectives, but often do not succeed, less development of explanations or interpretation of experiences and lastly minimal participation by one or more members means less turn-taking. (Comm 478 lecture, Oct 9, 2015) The Poteats’ seem to be an individual sense-making family which means that family members participate in storytelling by sharing separate versions of the story and reaching individual conclusions about its meaning. (Comm 478 lecture, Oct 9, 2015) As Tonia and her parents share their story they are not fully engaged, Tonia’s parents seem to engage more with each other than with their daughter. As Tonia explains on how she process and when about telling her parents about her sexual orientation and their reaction to it, it portrait a picture of different perspectives not been quite accept it. Out of the four families shown the

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