The Two Kinds of Evil According to Augustine Essay

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God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent, which makes us wonder what kind of morally sufficient reason justifies God to allow evil. We know that evil exists in our world, but so does God, so would God be the source of evil as well as good? We have established that God is the omnipotent and benevolent free creator of the world, but suffering and evil exist. Is God unable to prevent evil? If so, he would not be omnipotent. Is He able to prevent the evil in our world but unwilling? If this were then case then he wouldn’t be benevolent. A Persian thinker, Mani, suggested that the answer to this question was a kind of duality between the good and evil. This pluralistic view of the good and evil in our world would suggest that God is…show more content…
Is all evildoing due to inordinate desires? For instance, when you kill someone out of self-defense, would that be considered an inordinate desire? Two laws determine the criteria by which we are allowed to kill: the eternal law and the temporal law . When we give in to our lustful desires, we receive temporal punishment, which is when we suffer for attaching ourselves to things that are lost against our will. Therefore, humans are only susceptible to temporal punishment if we commit evil acts through lust . Most of the time, our temporal punishments are results of evil actions except in a few cases when eternal law coincides with the temporal law. For instance, if a person using self-defense kills someone then they would be excused from their sins in the eternal world if they were true in their actions, whether or not they are proven innocent by temporal law . He also comments on a soldier in war and explaining his action of killing an enemy is “then acting as an agent of the law, and thus easily does his duty without lust” . Both the eternal and temporal laws guarantee a perfect order, but what exactly does this mean? Augustine says that there is a hierarchy of value with God above all, then comes humans because we have rational thought and will to live well. After humans are animals which will to live, but do not reason, then there are plants, which live but do not will to do so or possess the ability to reason . Therefore, a

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