The Two Koreas and the Responsibility of the International Community

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The conflict in the Korean peninsula should not be the exclusive concern of the East Asian region nor the American powers. In an increasingly globalized world, the challenges to human rights and world peace is a transnational responsibility. It is a concern for the entire international community, particularly in this case as the commission has mentioned, because of the international community’s past involvement in the division of the Korean peninsula (United Nations Human Rights Council 16). Yet, it appears that despite what we have learned from history, such as the horrific atrocities that occurred in Nazi Germany and Rwanda, the rest of the world seems willing to sit idly by with regard to the continuing abuses in North Korea.
The reality of human rights abuses in North Korea has already been established time and time again. Yet, no serious, collective efforts and action at the international level has yet to emerge from these discussions, reports and investigations.
The very recent publication of a comprehensive report by the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea establishes credible evidence and knowledge of the situation in North Korea. With knowledge of the unparalleled conditions, the international community now has no excuse for its inaction. Although the global community faces many challenges such as issues of state sovereignty, it must remember the many human lives at stake and the fundamental right to
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