The Two Sides Of Abortion

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Abortion: the sides
Abortion. Some hear the word and feel grief for the taking of the life of a child before birth. Others may hear the word and feel relief in in the legal medical procedure that allows a pregnant woman to make a decision about her body and whether or not to continue a pregnancy. What are the facts and statistics on abortion? What is an abortion and how is one performed? What do people believe about them? Do those people have anything in common? All these questions will soon be answered.
The statistics on abortion are surprising. According to Students for Life of America, 1.1 million abortions are performed in the United states each year.51% of abortions are performed on women aged 25 and younger, and 50% of women who get abortions
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This type takes place thirteen to twenty-four weeks of pregnancy. This is considered a late term abortion. After dilation of the uterus, a suction catheter is inserted which sucks out the amniotic fluid around the fetus. Next, a sopher clamp, a metal grasping tool with teeth, is used to rip the fetus limbs off and remove them one by one. The head is crushed and broken up into small pieces that are taken out one at a time. After all limbs are removed, a curette is used to grab any small pieces of flesh that may have been missed. Many complications are possible for the mother to experience, including damage to bowls, uterine perforation, infections, and hemorrhaging, which can lead to death in some cases, and poses a risk for future pregnancies.…show more content…
It is believed in the pro-choice stance that mental health and well being comes from being able to decide what is best for yourself and body in that specific time. The pro-choice stance is where a lot of feminists stand, taking their lives into their own hand and not letting men- lawmakers- make decisions about women’s bodies. Another big part of the pro-choice movement is that people say, “A woman’s sexual, health, and reproductive choices are none of my business,” (Lunsford). Abortion is a legal and safe medical option for a pregnancy with experienced specialists in the field. One major point in the pro-life stance is that even if abortion were illegal, that would not mean all abortion would end; it would mean that women would find other, dangerous, unsanitary ways to abort. Women who will abort no matter what need the opportunity to have it done safely so that their life is not put at risk during the process. Another option for an aborted fetus is for their body to go to science to help with research of human development in the fetal stages. Possibly even use organs and body parts for helping babies struggling to live. Many women who seek abortions are unmarried and do not feel prepared to take on the challenges of motherhood or feel they cannot provide what a child would need at that stage in their life. The easiest way to keep a child
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