The Two Types Of Serial Killers

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The two types of serial killers are organized and disorganized.

An organized serial killer is usually the more difficult one to capture because they are highly intelligent most times and sort and place victims to the point of being methodical with every last detail being planned out in advanced for the killings. They take caution to make sure they leave no traces behind so they do not get caught in order to continue their killings. Usually they will take the victims to another place and take precautions to make sure their bodies are not found unless or until they want them to be. These types of serial killers generally like to take pride in their work and they are motivated to stump law enforcement who were trying to solve their crimes committed. Ted Bundy is one the the apex examples of an organized killer.

On the other hand we have the disorganized killer and these generally do not plan out in the way for their victims to die, they usually just kill someone who seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. They usually tried to strike whenever a good opportunity arises they really don 't try to cover up any of the signs. These killers tend to move to different towns are states or sometimes even countries to avoid being captured by authorities. Usually they have lower intelligence levels and are very antisocial. They generally are not around with friends or family and they do not like to stay in one place for too long of a time. They usually confess or say that…
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