The Tyger Diction

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Culminating Activity: The Tyger In the poem “The Tyger” William Blake displays a whimsical tone throughout the story. Throughout the poem the author makes deep connections to heaven and hell and the heavens sending things down to earth. William Blake uses the literary devices syntax, diction, figurative language and imagery to construct the whimsical tone and the beauty of this world. The authors use of syntax helps the reader feel like there in a children's story reading about a mythical creature. The author repeats the first and last stanzas of the poem. The first and last stanzas say “Tyger, Tyger, burning bright, In the forest of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry.” This makes the reader feel like…show more content…
The poem is depicting heaven and hell when it talks about the “deeps” and the “skies”. When Blake talks about the “deeps” and the “skies” it makes the the poem have a dreamy magical feeling. When the poem is about a tiger and then the poet talks about heaven and hell it makes the reader envision the forest a bright tyger and objects coming down from the skies and from the ground. Also imagery is used when Blake declares “the stars threw down their spears”. This depicts that the heavens are throwing down objects at the lion. This gives the poem a scared feeling and a magical component because the heavens can not literally throw things down to earth so the must be using magic or dreaming that the heavens can do that. Another use of imagery is when the author refers to the “lamb” making the reader think about children's bible stories and pictures that depict a lion or a lamb. In this case the reader can make the connection that the tyger is the lion and in the bible story the lion is the king of the world or God. When the poet changes the main characters meaning or characteristics it allows the reader's imagination to explore and dream up what the story is actually meaning and relate it to their whimsical childhood stories.
The poem “The Tyger” written by William Blake is a poem with a dreamy whimsical tone. His use of syntax, diction, figurative language and imagery enhances the magical tone through the reader's previous
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