The Tyger Tone

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I wondered this lonely cloud
T: The poem’s title suggests a close relationship with nature and that this poem is about someone without company. P
P: The speaker compares himself to a cloud that floats alone over the hills when he sees a lot of daffodils in the field. The speaker tells the audience that now whenever he is alone in his study thinking, he thinks back to the daffodils and the waves and he feels glad.
C: This poem has multiple examples of metaphor and simile, one even appearing in the title. To be compared to a cloud can imply that you are gloomy, a lone grey storm cloud ready to rain.
A: The author’s attitude is that nature lifts the spirit, and can cause a lonely and sad man feel glad again. The speaker seems to feel the same,
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"The Tyger" and "The Lamb" are about animals that are complete opposites. One is a fearsome predator and the other, a gentle, innocent animal. The tones of "The Lamb" and "The Tyger" are very different as well. Blake uses dark imagery to create an awed tone in "The Tyger" while the tone of "The Lamb" is gentle.

T: This poem may be on great leaders.
P: the is a grand statue, but there is nothing else besides this. This is a scene of massive destruction, where everything is empty.
C: Line 1:The statue: is Mans attempt at creating a legacy for himself. Yet It will crumble due to the destructive nature of history repeating itself.
A: The poet believes that all rulers face the same fate, regardless of how they try to preserve their legacy.
S: There are no obvious shifts in this poem for me
T: The title seems to be an attack on leaders who try and preserve their legacies. Shelley used an obscure Greek name of Ramses to emphasize how we do not remember our past leaders and how they all fade away into history.
T: The theme of this poem refers to the destructive nature of history, and the insignificance of
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