The Type Of Corporate Culture Southwest Airlines

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The type of corporate culture Southwest Airlines (Southwest) exhibits is a high-performance culture. According to Thompson et al. (2016) one of the traits of high-performance company is a “can-do” spirit (p. 351). Southwest’s can-do spirit derived from the company’s legal, regulatory, and competitive struggles during its formation, which was led by Herb Kelleher and supported by employees who were driven to assist the airline to succeed despite these oppositions and this attitude has endured within the company (Thompson & Gamble, 2014, p. C-344). This is supported by Colleen Barret’s, Southwest’s former president, comment that “The warrior mentality, the very fight to survive, is what created our culture” (Thompson & Gamble, 2014, p.C-344). This warrior mentality or “Warrior Spirit” is one of the elements of the company’s “Living the Southwest Way” which implores employees to work hard, desire to be the best, be courageous, display a sense of urgency, preserve, and innovate (Thompson & Gamble, 2014, p. C-366). Another reason for Southwest’s high performance culture is that expectations of performance are defined and every employee displays high-performance behaviors (Thompson et al., 2016, p.351). From Southwest’s inception, the company has held a well-defined strategy of being a convenient, low-cost airline with dependable and exceptional service, but the current CEO, Gary Kelly, as well as top management have modified the company’s mission statement and established
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