The Type Of Learning Is An Effective Stimulus With A Natural, Biological Stimulus

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person could develop strong positive associations to certain situations or types of people. How the Process Works Classical Conditioning- The first type of learning relies on associating a neutral stimulus with a natural, biological stimulus. 1. This is a key point: Classical conditioning occurs only with involuntary responses, such as salivation, eye-blinking, or fear. a. At first, the dog salivated only when he received food. This is a normal, instinctive response; there is no learning involved in this. 2. (Food) is the Unconditioned stimulus (US), a stimulus which produces a natural, biological response with no prior learning. 3. (Stimulation) is the Unconditioned response (UR) A natural, biological response to a stimulus with no prior learning. 4. Neutral stimulus (NS) is a stimulus which is not meaningful, such as the sound of the tone, is paired with the unconditioned stimulus (food). During this phase of the learning process, the sound of the tone must be immediately followed by the arrival of food, and this pairing must happen several times in a w. Eventually, the dog learns to associate the sound of the tone with food, and he will salivate simply upon hearing the tone. At this point, the stimulus that was previously the neutral. 5. (The tone) is the Conditioned stimulus (CS), a previously neutral stimulus that has become associated with an unconditioned stimulus. 6. Conditioned response (CR) is a learned response to conditioned stimulus. 7. Generalization is
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