The Type Of Learning Required

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Type of Learning Required The type of learning required will be in a Biblical setting where learners will desire only to learn how to acquire the knowledge of the scriptures in the Bible. Students will renew their mind on the spiritual things of God as they search out scriptures. This will help the new believers or old believer to learn more about God and what He has promised unto all Believers. This will enhance each learner to become more active in their new way of living with themselves and others around them. This will cause them to understand who God is as they begin to learn Him and develop in effective ways of prayer in the spiritual disciplines of God.
Determination of Teaching Approach The teaching approach used will be the Social Collaborative Approach. The learners will be able to use their Bible and learn from the assigned facilitator to teach the spiritual disciplines desired about how to effectively prayer. Students will learn by building percept upon percept what is to be done in order to be able to effectively pray. The students will learn not to pray using their own words but to only use the Words that are found from the scriptures to pray. This will allow the learners to become effective at praying. The students will also learn that they can receive what that have prayed when the believe it. They will be taught that what they see in the Bible is true. They will come to the understanding that if God said it, they can have it. This will help students to

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