The Type Of Soil Affects Bean Seed Germination And Growth

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The purpose of this experimentation is to determine how the type of soil affects bean seed germination and growth.

If different type soil is adjusted with different type, then germination and growth of the bean seed will increase over time. A reason for that statement is because seeds grow in soil for an expanded period of time. Seeds tend to grow in soil very greatly depending on the seed and the soil. The reason for this statement is that a different types of soil will make an effect on seed germination the reason for that is because different types of soil have different compounds. The expectation is to see that different soil will have some sort of influence to the germination, but the soil does not matter fully, the seed will play a great role if it adjusts to the soil that it will be in for number of days.

Independent variable: Different types of soil.
Dependent variable: Seed height.
Controlled variable: Water, amount of soil, amount of seeds in each pot, size of pot.

Control group and experimental group.
Control group: Timberline soil (Soil A)
Experimental group: Scotts (Soil B), Peat Hummus (Soil C)

Review of Literature
Seed germination is very important in this modern time, that’s basically where we get our fruits, vegetables from. But vegetables just don’t pop out of nowhere they need to be planted and taken care of so they can grow vegetables and fruits. An example of a seed

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