The Type Of Speech : An Informative Speech

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The type of speech: An informative speech. The topic: An informative speech on the importance of diverse children’s literature and the relation of diverse children’s literature and youth literacy. My company: I am an employee at a children’s literature publishing company that is looking to branch out into the international/global market. Speech title: The Importance of Diverse Children 's Literature THESIS STATEMENT Fostering a love of reading at a young age is important. Childhood literacy is important to overarching education and development in youth, and one of the best ways to improve childhood literacy is to provide a multitude of diverse and accessible types of literature for our children to consume. KEY POINTS The more diverse choices there are in literature, the easier it is to find something that appeals to any given person. It stands to reason, then, that diversity in children’s literature makes it easier to find something that appeals to any given child. Furthermore, the easier it is for a child to find literature that appeals to them, the more likely that that child is to become an avid reader and, therefore, a consumer of information and knowledge. Avid readers tend to have a higher reading comprehension. Higher reading comprehension often leads to, or is the cause of, higher grades. In addition to reading comprehension, avid readership tends to lead a given child to be more studious, which also leads to better grades. Those who read often are more likely to
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