The Type Of Technology Necessary For Accurate Crime Analysis

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In this essay, I will provide details for the type of technology necessary for accurate crime analysis. I will explain at least four methods of collecting, storing, and retrieving information needed for crime analysis. I will provide examples to support the importance of each method selected. In conclusion, I will detail the benefits of crime analysis to the community.
Crime analysis is a tactic that police officers need in order to enhance their prevention, investigation, and apprehension skills (Foster, 2013). Crime analysis is a set of organized, diagnostic processes that furnish prompt, relevant information about crime patterns and trend correlations to assist police in criminal apprehension, crime prevention, evaluation of organizational procedures, and disorder reduction (Flash Card Machine, 2012). Crime mapping plays a key role in conducting modern crime analysis (Foster, 2013). The minimum type of technology required for accurate crime analysis is: a laptop or desktop computer with sufficient speed, enough hard disk storage to accommodate data and functions, and a high-quality printer that can handle color maps and workload (Foster, 2013).
Each of the four methods serves as a valuable tool in collecting, storing, and retrieving information required for crime analysis: records management systems, incident reports, computer aided dispatch information, and relational databases (Foster, 2013).
Computer-aided dispatch systems only maintain a very limited
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