The Types Of Biogeochemical Cycles

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Once, there lived a fish king name Bob. He was a very kind and he can do anything to save other Sharks and Dolphins. He had a son name Boo. He loved to jump out of ocean and the best thing was that he loved to learn about marine ecosystem and biogeochemical cycle. Whenever he jumps he wonders where did this water came from. Today it was his lucky day. Guess what!!!! Well you will see in moment. In school “ Students today we are going to learn about biogeochemical cycles. There are three types of biogeochemical cycles. Today we are going to learn about only two cycles which are water cycle and carbon cycle. Do you guys know where does the water come from? You might say it comes from kitchen sink, bathroom, or river. It is true but do you…show more content…
In carbon cycle, carbon enters the atmosphere as carbon dioxide from respiration and combustion. Carbon dioxide is absore dby producers to make carbohydrates in phtosysnthesis. These producers then put off oxygen. Then animals feed on the plants. Thus passing the carbon compounds along the food chain. Most of the carbon these animal consume however is exhaled as carbon dioxide. This is through the process of respiration. When the plants and animals die, they ar eaten by decomposers in the ground. The carbon that was in their bodies is then returned to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide and the whole cycle will start again.” “ Thank you madam” Boo said. Well you know how the water cycle and carbon cycle works. I hope you do well on your test” teacher said. The bell rang and all the students left for home. At home “ Father, I am so hungry. Please I want some food” Boo told Bob. “ Son, We are going to have some delicious food today. I have got you some tasty fishes to eat.” Bob said. “ Hmmm…. I have question father”, Boo Asked “ What question my dear son. Oh if you are going to ask me What I have got you for your Birthday gift then don’t ask me because I am not going to tell you” Bob said. “ Father no I was going to ask you something else.” Boo said. “ Oh sorry sorry. Please go on” Bob told Boo. “ Father If we eat the small fishes and other organisms then what do they eat.” Boo asked.” For example, sharks like us eat jelly fish , turtle and other stuff.
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