The Types Of Research Methods

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Question 3

Compare and contrast the types of research methods used in scholarly studies on your proposed (or School-approved) dissertation topic. Synthesize your findings and propose a best-fit method for your dissertation research. Within the context of such a study, identify and analyze the issues associated with each of the following: ethics, sampling, validity, reliability, and bias.

This paper will discuss and evaluate two methods commonly found in qualitative research: case study and generic. First the paper will provide a brief reasoning as to why the school-approve topic will be a qualitative and not quantitative. Then, it will compare and contrast the scholarly rationale for the two chosen research methods,
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More importantly, it would advance the human services field by contributing to existing knowledge on FPMs and permanency planning within the foster care system. From this study, new strategies and practices may be identified as a means to effectively prepare foster parents to work as professional members of a multidisciplinary team, improving the overall engagement of foster parents with social workers, Guardian Ad item, CASA Workers, and other professionals working to achieve permanency.

Qualitative versus Quantitative Research

At the surface qualitative and quantitative research appears to have a lot of similarities, but qualitative has many distinct characteristics from quantitative research. Depending on the research questions and methods of collecting data will have an impact on which method is most appropriate (Choy, 2014). Qualitative Research is applied in specific disciplines by testing a theory developed from the research and quantitative research applied by building on an existing theory (Allwood, 2011; Choy, 2014). When collecting data, qualitative research relies on the interpretation of information collected from surveys, interviews, narratives (Allwood, 2011; Choy, 2014). Quantitative Research data is collect from instruments designed to produce numeric data or statistics (Allwood, 2011; Choy, 2014). When interpreting data collected in a qualitative research one is ?searching for themes? while quantitative research, analyses the data
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