The Types of Intelligence

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Howard Gardner created a theory called ‘The Multiple Intelligence Theory’, which states that every human being has nine types of intelligence that are unique to them. Gardner, a psychologist and Harvard graduate, created this theory in 1983 (“Multiple Intelligences”). The multiple intelligence theory originally consisted of seven types of intelligence but, later on, two more types were added (Collins). Each intelligence type reflects the way a person interacts with the world, and the intelligences are like fingerprints- no two people have the same combination of the intelligences. Gardner introduced the original seven types of intelligences through “Frames of Mind”, which was published in 1983 (“Types of Intelligence”).…show more content…
Visual intelligence is overall the ability to imagine things in the mind (“Types of Intelligence”) Bodily/Kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to apply motor-skills. People with bodily intelligence use their bodies to overcome a situation, such as an athlete does in a sporting event, or a dancer in a show (Breyer). People with this intelligence learn by touching, enjoy hands-on activities rather than just looking, love the outdoors and are athletic. Athletes, carpenters, actors, physical therapists, dancers and paramedics are just a few of the possible careers for a person with kinesthetic intelligence (“Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence”) Musical intelligence is the ability to think with music (“Multiple Intelligences”). People with this intelligence are sensitive to tunes and rhythms, will recognize when a note is off-key, and love music. According to Melissa Breyer, somebody can increase their musical intelligence by listening to a variety of music, singing, and also by listening to their surroundings. Musically intelligent people are often very talented with an instrument or their voice, and can become singers, conductors, composers, music teachers or producers (“Musical Intelligence”) Intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences are two very similar but very different types of intelligences. Intrapersonal, or
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