The Tyrell Player For The Footman

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The Tyrell player has a defending combat strenght of 1 for the Footman since the routed Knight unit provides no combat strength. If House Tyrell loses the battle, the Knight -- since a routed unit may not retreat -- will be automatically destroyed.
Existing orders in a conquered area
If an area is successfully taken by the attacker, remove any Order token left behind in the area by the defender. Also remove the attacking player’s expended March order.
Used House Card
Both the attacking and defending player now place the used House Card face up by the board in a discard pile. These used House Cards are considered discarded and may not be used again until later.
After a player has played his 7th and last House Card in battle, instead of discarding this card, he takes all the 6 previously used cards back to his hand. His hand of ouse Cards is now full again, and all the cards are available to be played in battle once more.
The game continues
After a battle has ended, the current March order is done and removed from the board. Continue to the next player’s March order. If all March orders are resolved and removed from the board, continue to the Resolve Consolidate Power Orders step.

C) Resolve Consolidate Power Orders
In this phase, players simultaneously collect power from the areas in which they placed Consolidate Power order tokens. If a Consolidate Power order was removed by a raid, or was located on an area that was successfully invaded by an enemy, that order is no

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