The U-Boats: Terror Of The Seas

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U-Boats: Terror of the Seas

During the first World War, also known as the Great War, several revolutionary weapons were introduced. Among these are such despicable devices such as the flamethrower and mustard gas. However, one invention staked its claim in history from the very beginning: the U-boat. Employed early on by the Germans, U-boats, short for Unterseeboot (literally translated under-sea boat), stalked their prey from beneath the surface, devastating the Allied fleets. Unfortunately, these vessels and their crews were mistake prone, often shooting neutral boats due to the lack of visibility through periscopes. Inevitably, a few of these mistakes helped lead to the United States involvement in the Great War. Although, the U-boats
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By the fall of 1917, the Allies would be losing more ships than could be built to the submarines. Now, though, the Allies had America on their side and the American navy would certainly make a difference, though it might not be enough. Then, American Rear Admiral William S. Sims aided in designing a convoy system to defend all manner of ships, from shipping to battleships, from U-boats. Similar to the frontier wagon trains, the convoy system involved multiple ships all traveling together across the ocean. When a U-boat attacked, it revealed its position and could not easily escape the escort vessels. The implementation of this new plan and the insertion of American ships into the war drastically reduced the damages sustained from submarines and furthered the collapse of the Central…show more content…
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