The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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The United States Army Corps of Engineers has built a number of dams within the United States. The Bonneville Dam and other dams along the Columbia River provided local citizens with jobs during the Great Depression and hydropower after their construction. These dams assisted in powering the Manhattan project during World War II. The Turtle Creek Dam, as it sat in 2005, was susceptible to failure if a substantial earthquake were to strike. The Corps of Engineers was contracted to upgrade this dam. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers developed a reputation of excellence throughout their existence. Improving America with Dams Since Congress established the United States Army Corps of Engineers on March 11, 1779, they have been involved in the construction and repair of many different structures both foreign and domestic. Often times the Corps of Engineers is called upon to take on America’s most important projects. Of the important projects that they have completed, American dam projects have been some of the Corps of Engineers most impressive accomplishments to date. Dam projects can serve many purposes. They compensate for varying amounts of water that nature may send down a river at a given time, or they may serve as a resource to generate hydropower for the local population. The construction of these complicated feats of engineering is an expensive, time consuming task. For whatever reason a dam is built, it will almost always pay for itself in the energy it produces or
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