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Since the very beginning it was first established, the Coast Guard was never seen as important to the people for about 200 years. Why is it that they’ve never had notice? How come they do all the dirty work in the ocean and no one seems to care? Well the Coast Guard is the reason why the United States has been protected, so that we can go to bed at night knowing that nothing’s going to happen to us. There are many reasons to why the Coast Guard is so important to society. The U.S. Coast is a huge part of our military and follows certain goals on the ocean to protect us from harm. There are also individuals who are aware of the situations that the Coast Guards are going through and by helping they get involved with some of the minor…show more content…
waterways, making sure traffic flows in a safe and efficient manner.6)Living Marine Resources - Enforces domestic fishing laws through patrols and inspections.7)Ice Operations - Helps transport goods and personnel in connection with scientific and national security efforts in polar regions. Also breaks through ice with specialized ships and keeps track of icebergs to help direct commercial vessels.8) Marine Safety - Sets safety standards and inspects commercial vessels to ensure those standards are being maintained. 9)Marine Environmental Protection - Prevents and responds to oil and chemical spills, stops illegal dumping in U.S. waters and works prevent an invasive plant and animal species.10)Illegal Drug Interdiction - Uses sea vessels and aircraft to intercept illegal drug shipments and collect intelligence.11)Fish Stock Protection - Ensures foreigners don’t raid U.S. fish stocks. Every day civilians in the Coast Guard, work

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