The U.s. Energy Sector

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The U.S. Energy Sector is one of the most critical infrastructures, essential for the functionality of the U.S. as we know it. Why is that you might ask. This is because it provides support and keeps all the other critical infrastructures running. Without the Energy Sector the country might as well shut down and be of no use. With the energy sector affected, there would be immediate panic and a visible effect on the economy and its people. So, let’s dive in, what is the Energy Sector all about? The Energy Sector consists of three segments; electricity, oil and gas. With more than 6413 power plants, the U.S. is working hard to fuel the economy and keep it running (DHS, 2016 This paper will be discussing vulnerabilities different parts of…show more content…
For example, if the weather temperatures suddenly increase, there would be an increase in cooling needs which raises demand for electricity but not for other heating products. Producers could have difficulties producing enough energy supply for all those in need of cool air because they did not foresee in time to produce more. This difficulty in production would raise demand and costs, affecting both suppliers and consumers. Climate changes also would affect transportation of refined energy products. Weather issues could slow down and prevent the timely delivery of oil, gas, fuel, coal and other products to other locations in need of supply. With energy refineries in different parts of the world, each area is susceptible to its own climate weakness. As a producer of Energy planning for these possible incidents could help in reducing recovery after the fact. 2. Physical Security The Energy Sector is important an infrastructure, a lot of money goes into keeping power plants running. With technology advances made over time, and billions of dollars put into building these facilities, they have become extremely attractive to attack. Most facilities now function without people constantly on standby. With this improvement there is now even a greater need for physical security. According to research, 80 % of the Energy sector is owned and operated by the private sector, some of which do not take security
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