The US Banking System: Deregulation Of The Financial Sector

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One cannot say that U.S banking system is designed to fail; however, it is the relentless deregulation in the financial sector and competing for financial sector activities in the globalized financial market as means towards higher growth resulted in its instability over the centuries. The U.S. central bank and federal government did not see the impending crisis on the horizon due to the deregulation of financial market. The central bank believed that there could be evolving economic imbalances or risk in the financial markets, but that these were best managed by market forces themselves. But they failed to realize that some time market fails on its own. Deregulation of the financial sector was initiated and reinforced through legislative changes, followed by regulatory policies consistent with the philosophy of deregulation. As the US was losing comparative advantage in agriculture, manufacturing, and services to developing and emerging market economies, while they continued to have advantage in the financial sector. Hence, the United States perhaps felt that national interest lies in their dominating financial sector activity, and hence development of the financial sector was coterminous with their national interest. This approach could have led to a race to the bottom in financial sector regulation in their jurisdiction. The US banking system and financial sector was source of so much instability was due to relentless deregulation of the financial market.
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