The US Constitution: One of the Best Documents Ever Made

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There is a constitution in every country to guide the government and to govern the people. With so many struggles facing the United States of America, one thing was for sure, change was needed. A universal law was needed to fix the government and make it more functional. The US Constitution becomes important because it directly states and explains natural born rights and limits the federal government. Both the government and people are bound to obey it. The constitution contains requirements to the powers and duties of government, Americans have been concerned with their rights, the right to practice religion however they wished was one of the primary reasons the first settlers came to America from England. The right of representation and…show more content…
Thus, if district lines were drawn on the basis of race, or if discriminatory acts of one district caused segregation in another, an inter-district remedy may be in order. However, this is not the case here (” The District Courts cannot redraw the lines of integrated school systems to achieve racial balance in a segregated school system absent an inter-district violation or effect. Milliken is the first case since Brown v. Board of Education, which controlled the power of the federal courts. Until Milliken, the courts had been given broad powers to enforce redistricting, in order to establish racial integration. Milliken did not feel as though redistricting was constitutional, which also helped to limit the powers of the courts. This unlimited power to interpret the law is what makes the constitution flawed. When it comes to the court it is ultimately how they feel as though the founding fathers wanted the law to be read and interpreted. With trying to redistrict borders to minimize segregation was out of the courts hands and was something that needed to be left in the hands of the districts themselves. The Constitution has a lot of issues for a document that has been around for decades. One of the major issues is that the constitution should not be so broad that it leaves room for so much interpretation in the judicial branch because if the constitution does not
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