The US Constitution's Seven Short Articles And 27 Amendments

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The U.S. Constitution has seven short articles and 27 amendments leaving out a significant amount of detail, giving lawmaking to be done by statute. Over 200 years has passed since it was created and very little of it has been altered. It is concise in its words but is also flexible in its interpretation. According to the book, Governing Texas, the U.S. Constitution was written “to overcome the liabilities of the Articles of Confederation and create government that could act effectively in the public welfare in a variety of policy areas” (Champagne et al. 63). The U.S. Constitution focuses on the public versus the Texas Constitution, which focuses on protecting the public from too much governmental power. The Texas Constitution strongly implies the fundamental idea of limited government and has extensive, intricate articles and amendments. In 2016, it contained 16 articles and 491 amendments. Governing Texas states that the Texas Constitution “was written to prevent the expansion of government authority and return of a system of political power that was perceived as acting against the interests of the people.” (Champagne et al.…show more content…
Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges addressed same-sex marriage. The court ruled 5-4 that marriage is a fundamental right guaranteed to same-sex couples by the equal protection clause and the due process clause in the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. Proposition 2 is a violation of the equal protection clause and denies the liberty of same-sex couples the right to marry and it should be deleted from the Texas Constitution for that reason. Texas recognizes marriage licenses from other states for heterosexual couples and ought to for same-sex marriage licenses since the U.S. Constitution has ruled them to be constitutional. Churches and private organizations have the right to their religious beliefs. Government institutions must follow the law and should not deny a person their fundamental right of
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