The US Healthcare System

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U.S. Health Care System Introduction The U.S. healthcare system is entirely private, but the modes of payment for their services are of two kinds: private and public. Healthcare insurance of the U.S. is something that is a dream for people in the developing countries who are dying in huge numbers due to inadequate facilities and insufficient funds for their treatment. It seems like a fantasy for someone sitting outside the U.S. to be able to pay for a million dollar operation just through your insurance even if you do not earn a lot. A common man to be able to afford any healthcare treatment is the biggest security for anyone. With the number of diseases in the world rapidly increasing and our exposure to them becoming more and more frequent, healthcare is a major concern in anyone's mind. (Chua, 2006) The U.S. healthcare system is a 'multi-payer' system. They get money when the health service providers are directly paid for their services by the insurance company, the individual or the government, in which case the service providers get the money. The money in order to get to the health care provider has to move from these other three sources to the service providers, so for the three sources have money leaving from their side. (Chua, 2006). There flow of cash in the healthcare environment has four major players. They are the individuals/businesses, the government, the private insurers and the healthcare providers. The individuals or businesses are giving out money

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