The US Secret Service Essay examples

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Although the original mission of the United States Secret Services was to control and prevent counterfeit money in the United States after the Civil War in 1865, by 1930 the role of the Secret Service had greatly expanded. Many events occurred during that period that led the Secret Service to expand to enforce the laws whether it includes protecting money, protecting the President, or investigating on the frauds and groups that are dangerous to the people of America. Driving forces and trends impacted Secret Service mission and support operations over the many years. The Secret Service was officially created by President Abraham Lincoln on July 5, 1865. The Secret Service headquarters was created in Washington D.C. The headquarters …show more content…
In addition to conventional threats, chemical, biological and radiological weapons of mass destruction have far greater lethality and scope and pose a greater risk than they have in the past. The kkk terrorist attacks demonstrate the extremism and the uncivilized society of terrorist techniques and challenge the traditional approach to security. The Secret Service is challenged to identify and neutralize potential threats by individuals and groups in this increasingly sophisticated, mobile, and violence prone environment. The amendment of the Secret Services was not drastically changed, it happened over a long period of time. Eventually after thirty-six years, when President William Mckinley was assassinated the congress finally added the protection of the president on the Secret Services list of tasks. President James A. Garfield was also assassinated 16 years after Lincoln and Congress didn’t act until President McKinley died. Since 1901 every President from Theodore Roosevelt on has been protected by the Secret Service. The Secret Services kept on improving in the following years. Even before the two assassinations of Mckinley and Garfield congress did make changes in 1877. Congress passed an act to prohibit the counterfeiting of any coin, gold, or silver bar. Eighteen Years after the Secret Services had been established, the Secret Services was officially
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