The US: The American Dream

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To all Americans, as well as the rest of the world, the U.S. is all about equality, freedom, opportunity, and dreams. People worldwide immigrate to the United States, and each one of them for a different reason. Whether that reason is due to a bad environment in their homeland, or a chance at a better life in the U.S., there is one thing in common- they all end up here to pursue their own version of the “American dream”. This results in a diverse population with ideas being brought together from all around the world. That is one of the many factors that make the country successful. Another thing that makes the United States unique is the ability to fight for what the citizens believe is right, therefore creating a very welcoming environment…show more content…
Also, it should tell a story of the hard work that American citizens have had to do in order to live their “American dream”. “We sweat for a nickel and a dime/ Turn it into an empire” are lyrics sang repeatedly by Rihanna in the chorus of her song, “American Oxygen”. Here, the artist is telling the story of how one may start their life difficulty, only receiving nickels and dimes. However, with hard work and dedication, one can jump to the top, and “Turn it into an empire”. In addition to the chorus, Rihanna sings, “Young girl, hustlin' on the other side of the ocean/ You can be anything at all in America” in the first verse. Here, she is touching on two major aspects of the United States. Rihanna sings about how people from around the world, or, “the other side of the ocean” come to America to live their dream, and how once they are here, they can do and reach any goal they put their mind to. Lastly, at the very end of the song in the bridge, Rihanna sings, “This is the new America/ We are the new America”. This lyric is very special, and really shows the pride that an American citizen has in their country. Also, something that makes these lyrics and the song even more meaningful, is that Rihanna herself was not born a U.S. citizen. That just goes to show how immigrants from all over the world have shaped the country to be one of the most advanced and well-educated
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