The UT Girl: The Nature Of Choices

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Every day in our lives we make choices. But are the choices we make really our own? No one threatened Jane physically or forced her to take off her top, but was it an option for Jane to say “no” in the way the environment was structured at that moment? The nature of “choices” is very complex, and each of our actions is influenced by outside forces, which we cannot control. The choices we make also shape the culture in which we live, and Joe doesn’t seem to understand that. Through a deep analysis and some obvious remarks, I will make Joe see why it is not only morally but also systematically correct why he should take down both Jane’s and the other girls’ photos.
The complexity of choices affects every human being. For example, I can “choose” whether to cheat on my next exam and receive a better grade, or to take the exam honestly with the possibility of failing. Yet,
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Just like Jane had to realize the benefits and consequences of her actions in less than a minute, Joe has to do the same, except no one is pressuring him and he has more time to critically think. What will Joe gain for uploading the girls’ naked photos with the title “UT girls”? Access to the website is free, therefore money is not the answer. Will Joe’s social status increase? Maybe. Will the number of applications to UT Austin increase because of this? I don’t think so. Yet each of our actions affects other people, so what would be the impact on each girl by uploading the photos? Jane and the other girls who haven’t complained will certainly have major difficulties within their family, school, current job, and future career. Is Joe’s social status more important that ruining several girls’ academic, personal, social, and professional life? If Joe evaluates these choices with his human capability of feeling empathy, he would realize that taking down every girl’s photo even if they haven’t complained would be the most morally correct
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