The Ugly Duckling

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Brittany Wiegreff Professor Eichler English 102 B16 10/18/2011 Essay 2 The Ugly Duckling Analysis The tale of “The Ugly Duckling” has been told for many generations. It is the story of a little swan that is mistakenly hatched in a duck’s nest and because of his strange and different appearance he is teased and ridiculed. Even his mother can’t understand how this “ugly duckling” could be one of her own. The ugly duckling goes through many hardships and a long, lonely winter. Then upon seeing his reflection in the pond he realizes that he has become a beautiful swan and happily swims off, joining a group of nearby swans. At first glance, many may perceive this as a cut and dry fairy tale. Sending the message that without outward…show more content…
If they are different from your society that you have been raised by, maybe it’s time to change your view on people because no one should be left out of anything for the wrong reasons. Being different from everyone else is a quality that we should embrace in ourselves and in others. There can be comparisons in other writings in stories like these. One comparison of this story is the book Speak. The main character Melinda Sordino is being excluded from society because of her actions the previous summer. She cannot find her place in society and she is forced to venture through it on her own. Just like the duckling, she goes through many obstacles along the way of acceptation in society. In the end of both stories the main characters find their place in society and they are finally accepted for who they truly are. They embraced their inner beauty to get them accepted by people who are just like them. In the modes of literature there are four mode lines to follow off of. One of the mode lines are romance, which is most commonly used beside comedy. In the beginning of the story there is a mild conflict, and in this case the ugly duckling is driven away and excluded from society because he looks differently and he acts different from everyone else. He tries to find his place everywhere around the land but he can’t find anywhere, where he is accepted. The final point on the mode line of
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