Essay on "The Ugly Duckling" and Standards of Beauty Today

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“The Ugly Duckling” and Standards of Beauty Today
Jennifer Murrish
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“The Ugly Duckling” and Standards of Beauty Today
Of all the stories I have heard throughout the years there is one that I can think of which really stands out in my mind. The story I chose is, “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Anderson, first published in Denmark, November 11, 1843. This story has an amazing moral and always tends to make me emotional every time I hear it, and has touched my heart since the first time I heard it when I was a child. Even though this story was published close to 170 years ago the concept is one that is still an issue within our society today. Gender roles can be described as, “the way acceptable
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All the animals would make fun of the poor baby duck telling him that they wish the cat would get him, he was so ugly even the grown up animals were foul and abusive towards him. The little girl that would come to feed the poultry even kicked the poor ugly duckling out of her way, the chickens would peck at him and the baby ducks would bite him, they all were very physically and mentally abusive towards the poor baby. The point when it was the worst the mother duck told the ugly duckling, “if only you were far from here,” (Andersen, 1843), and that is when the ugly little guy ran away from the farm and the only family he ever knew.
He closed his eyes and thought to himself, “it’s because I am so ugly”, (Andersen, 1843). When he was finally far enough away and when he had become exhausted the ugly duckling found a lake where the wild ducks lived. When they see him they all gathered around him and asked what he was and why he was so ugly. They couldn’t figure out what kind he was, and sadly he could not tell them; they said that he could live there with them along as he “did not marry into their family” (Andersen, 1843). This poor duck was not concerned with being married he figured he was so ugly he would never find anyone to love him anyway. He accepted he was going to be ugly and alone for the rest of his life. One day hunter’s came killing the wild ducks, a hound had cornered the ugly duckling sniffed him and left him be, he

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