The Ugly Side Of Climate Change

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It is far better for ourselves and the planet if we adapt to climate change instead of trying to stop it completely. Climate change is a natural phenomenon with many factors that contribute to it. We humans are one of those factors. Sure, we can do many things in our daily lives to hopefully lessen our footprint. But really, will all this add up to be enough? In the here and now I would argue no. The ugly side of climate change is very much alive right now, and it is only going to continue to get much worse. I think it would be best if we began preparing and changing with the effects now versus later when it could very well be too late for us.
Climate change is a real issue today and now that can actually be seen in many places. You can physically witness it in places such as Colorado, where the Colorado River is slowly drying up. Many rivers across the world face this same exact problem. It is obvious that we humans suffer from the changes in the climate around the world. However, we are not the only ones. The surrounding ecology of the areas affected by climate change will also be damaged. We will see a large change or erasing of the ecosystems around us. Being an animal/nature lover in this day and age is a hard task indeed. Thankfully many countries right now are taking action to deal a blow to climate change. In fact, there was a recent meeting in France, where multiple countries took a pledge to reduce carbon emissions in their respective locations. One has to ask…

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