The Ugly Tourist By Jamaica Kincaid

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In “The Ugly Tourist” by Jamaica Kincaid, tourism is thought as a disgusting and an extremely harmful industry. In her perspective, it allows first world citizens to escape and marvel at the simplest and most ordinary things. Although there is some truth in what Jamaica Kincaid describes to the reader, I believe there is a prejudiced view towards the tourist themselves. Kincaid’s essay about the ugliness and affects of being a tourist contrasts everything I’ve experienced being a tourist in Italy and Greece. I do not relate well to any of Kincaid’s ideas of tourists as well as tourism being an ugly industry. In “The Ugly Tourist” Jamaica Kincaid states, how an “ugly thing,that is what you are when you become a tourist, an ugly, empty thing, a stupid thing, a piece of rubbish pausing here and there to gaze at this and taste that…”(Kincaid 200). All of Kincaid’s opinions are severely biased. I have never met or heard of anybody talk so rudely about this huge industry and the people that make it up. While traveling in Italy, every local I talked to endorsed the fact of a tourist. They truly love this industry! Tourism brings new cultures, ideas and it helps bring in billions of dollars a year worldwide. Italy alone “took in $43 million in tourism receipts in 2009, according to Euro Monitor International, a business research organization” ( Many countries biggest jump, economically is during the tourist season. I don 't
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