The Ugly Truth: An Examination of Stereotypes in Media Essay examples

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The Ugly Truth, a film which was released in 2009, displays many particular stereotypes and gender issues which we find within American society. Gender is made up of socially constructed ideas which are reinforced by society in regards to what it means to be masculine or feminine. We first learn gender from our parents; however they too had to first learn it from their families and society. Within the American society, the media takes on a large role in creating gender norms. The media is made up of films, magazines, television programs, and news papers. The Ugly Truth, although a funny film, perpetuates these stereotypes and ideas of gender provided by our society. Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl, are two very famous stars who…show more content…
Stereotypes can be very damaging to the individuals that they effect and by placing stereotypes within films we cause them to be widely accepted within our society. The Ugly Truth uses very distinct stereotypes of how the male gender should act and these stereotypes could be very damaging if adopted by society and accepted as normal ways to act. The very first stereotype of the male gender that the viewer encounters of the film is of Mike being very disrespectful towards women on his late night television show (Luketic, 2009). When this idea is perpetuated in the media, young people often pick up on it subtly without often realizing it. By providing an incident like this within the movie, the film industry is making it clear to society that it’s okay for women to be disrespected. Wood states, “Language reflects cultural values and is a powerful influence on our perceptions. Despite our process in reducing sexism, our language continues to devalue females and femininity by trivializing, depreciating, and diminishing women” (Wood, 2011, 123). Women become the victim because of what we are teaching men. On the flip side, the stereotype also becomes that all men will be disrespectful of women which is equally as damaging to the male point of view because women become the bashers. According to the book Images That Injure:

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