The Ugly Truth Behind Child Beauty Pageants. Why Is That

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The Ugly Truth Behind Child Beauty Pageants Why is that we are told everyone is beautiful in their own way yet society pressures us woman to be prettier than the next. Women are taught as little girls that being beautiful is important but there is more to life than being beautiful. I believe parents should not let their daughters compete in beauty pageants because it sexualizes young girls, affects child development and discourages self worth. Is exploiting your child really worth some cash, a sparkly tiara and trophy taller than her. If you don’t believe me check out TLC’s hit show toddlers and Tiaras. Toddlers and Tiara is show about child beauty pagents where it looks like little girls throwing tantrums are forced to compete. The show…show more content…
According to Vernon R.Wiehe in “Nothing Pretty In Child Pageants” he states that allowing your child to be used as sexual objects condone pedophiles to sexually abuse children. (Vernon R. Wiehe) We are practically throwing these girls to the wolves. It’s pretty disturbing at the thought of someone in the crowd may be lusting over your child. For instance, in 1996 little JonBonet Ramsey, a six-year old beauty pageant winner was found dead. Twenty-one years later her murder resolves unsolved and many believe a predator could have killed her. The Ramsey case reveals how regressive notions of femininity and beauty are being deployed in this conservative era to fashion the fragile identities of young girls, but also how willingly adults will project their own fantasies onto children, even if it means selling them on the beauty block. Images of six-year-olds cosmetically transformed into sultry, Lolita-like beings are difficult for most of us to watch. (Henry A. Giroux). Beauty pageants rob the innocence of little girls who are not meant to be sexy. Next, beauty pageants affect child development, when striving for physical perfection physical harm is inevitable. Some parents go over the edge and make their children get tans. There are three forms of tanning sun bathing, tanning beds and tanning sprays. Tanning is extremely dangerous to anyone the UV rays from the sun or tanning beds can cause skin cancer. Tanning sprays are harmful because they contain the same

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