The Ugly Truth Short Story

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The Ugly Truth Just finishing the police academy he was prepared for what would come next. The light, flashing red and blue, the siren, wailing in the background and a badge to tie everything together. They prepared him for just about anything a city police officer could encounter, but they left out the truth, what was to come when he would interact with true confits in the street of the city he was sworn to protect, and at the age of 21 he also was sworn to make a difference by his father would drove the same beat he did. As he adjusted to the physical, mental, and emotional line of work he was so passionate about just 6 months ago, he slowly started to see the truth about why not everyone is build to be a police officer. Just this month alone on a call he saved two…show more content…
This was the first person he had every seen stiff and cold. The officer by his 7 weeks had seen fresh bodies, rotting bodies and bodies with horrible facial expressions which reminded seared into his young morphing mind. He had seen young people, old people, people who hung himself over a family dispute or disagreement. The officer while dealing with work was dealing with home life, as his wife was filing divorce papers.
When this he was in the academy, they never taught how to not care for the people he can't save. How not to be disgusted with the scum he would see, how to coped with the images he would see over and over again, How to manage his personal life and professional life, How to show respect to someone who doesn't deserve it, and how to move on. When this officer retired at the age of 56 he had seen more cops die than both his fingers and toes one being his partner. He saw a mother's throw away their children because they said they cared about them. Now that same officer hanges in a room because one one was willing to help him.
The truth to being a
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