The Ugly Young Age Of Age Essay

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About a month ago I did not notice anything out of the ordinary in my everyday life on the subject of gender. Yes there have always been jokes about the women’s place being in the kitchen and men getting all sorts of privilege, but I never really thought too hard about it because it was never anything new. Once my attention was brought to this subject and I was told to delve deeper into the super weird societal gender norms, my eyes were opened to so many new and fairly disturbing occurrences. It was actually quite overwhelming. I did not know how to process everything and in a way my mind wanted to reject these happenings because it just seemed so sick and twisted, but I was accustomed to all of it and frankly, I did not want to be wrong or change my way of thinking. Fortunately, it was inevitable and I notice these bizarre gender labels and stereotypes everywhere I look from now on. Especially in my marriage. I was married at the astonishing young age of 17 which does not help my case for gender stereotypes. I am now labeled as that naive girl who let a man take control of her life because I “thought” I was in love. Of course I do not see any truth in that, but I do see truth in several other gender stereotypes. My wifely duties are the typical do the laundry, cook dinner, and clean up the house. My husband helps out a lot, but I still have that sole responsibility to take care of the housework while he earns the majority of our money. I work 2 jobs and am a

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