The Uk And Canada National Health Insurance Plan

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In the paper by hacker, there are several points that explain why the UK and Canada have a national health insurance plan, but the U.S. does not. There are two areas that he goes over, which are structure and sequence. In this paper, Structure goes over such areas like political and government structure and how that effects the advancement of a national health care policy. Sequence goes over the timing through history, where national health insurance fell behind or where it went further. Hacker explains structure in several ways, but two stand out, political structure and Government Structure. The political structure goes over the party that has the majority in office and the influence of the people’s belief on Election Day. In Canada the election of the democrats allowed for the national health policy. In the UK, the election of the Labor party placed the NHS of the fast track since the plan would manly benefit labor unions and lower income earners. In the United States, the political structure was different. A national health insurance plane was place on the table from both sides of the isle. However, it was only President Lynden Johnson, a democrat, which achieved the goal of having a national program for some citizens by passing Medicare and Medicaid. The United States under President Nixon, a republican, then changes gears when he supported and national health plan, but it was later rejected by a democratic congress. Government structure is different, having to do…
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