The Uk And Its Economy

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1. Introduction

On 23rd June 2016, there will be an important referendum for the UK and its economy to resolve whether the UK leaves the EU or not. The decision that will be made by the British citizens will effect on a lot of sectors in many ways. However, it is expected that especially sports industry which has been globally developing nowadays will be the most influenced on by that decision. The purpose of the report is to identify what are the advantages and disadvantages for sport-related organisations caused by the case of the UK leaving the EU. In this report, it will be focusing on Manchester City Football Club, and discussing what are the main merits and demerits for one of the most globally-oriented football clubs as a result of the Brexit.

2. Positive Impacts

The most significant positive impact on Manchester City FC caused by Brexit would be an increase in a number of “home-grown” players in their squad. This change would lead the club to become a domestic one and therefore, save a lot of money in terms of the difficulty of foreign players’ transfer and investment in their youth academy.

2.1. Investment in Youth Development

To start with the topic of youth development, Manchester City has for many years lacked the development of young players from their youth academy to be involved with the first team when you look in comparison to other teams in the Premier League. However, in the case of the UK leaving the EU, less foreign players can be signed to the…
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