The Uk Would Benefit Greatly from the Wider Use of Referendums? Discuss.

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The UK would benefit greatly from the wider use of referendumss? Discuss.

A referendum is a form of direct democracy that involves a public vote on a single issue of public policy. It is a way of presenting a debated issue to public decision. The most recent referendum was in the UK; the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum which asked the question whether Scotland should break away from the UK or not.

There are a variety of arguments both for and against the wider use of referendum in the UK. The use was greatly favoured by Tony Blair and his new Labour government in 1997 because they took the view that referendum was a democratic device that allows people the opportunity to give a direct voice in decision making. Therefore, any
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Through this direct way, the decisions which get decided by a referendum would be less well thought through and could cause more harm than good to the British politics because the general public is less likely to actually have access to knowledge needed to fully understand the issue at hand, unlike the professional elected politicians. These politicians also protect the minorities in their constinuents via the constitution. A referendum would undermine the rights of those protected minorities and result in a 'tyranny of the majority'. The legitimacy of the representativ politicians' decisions would then appear to be weak because they were undermined by referendum-determined decisions like when the Labour's proposed regional assembly in 2001 was crushed by a referendum in the North East which produced a result of 78% saying 'no' and only 22% saying 'yes'.

The use of referendums can also undermine Parliament's sovereignity over the issues of other countries in the UK. The way this is not beneficial to the UK is not only referendums are undermining the sovereignty of Parliament over the UK but it also makes the British constitutionn look inflexible when it comes to deciding over matters of Scotland and Wales. And if favourably popular enough, a referendum can establish a second goverment within the UK which it eventually does with Scotland. Referendums held in September

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