The Ukulele

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“The Ukulele” By James Warren 11:10 Mon/Wed (Dr. Cathy James) Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the ukulele. Central Idea: The ukulele is sweet sounding instrument indigenous to Hawaii, and whether you are a beginner, an experienced musician, or just a listener the sounds of the ukulele can be enjoyed by everyone. Introduction Imagine being transplanted to a town in the middle of nowhere Ohio not knowing anyone, and having absolutely nothing to do. You might find yourself asking for some type of “gift to come to you” to save you from your boredom. Well when I was 14 that was me. That all changed when my now lifelong friend’s mother had moved him & his siblings from everything they know in Hawaii to the same exact town.…show more content…
It is actually tuned the same as the bottom four strings of a guitar, and not as common, for exactly that reason. Conclusion Hopefully you’ll have a better idea exactly what a ukulele is, a little of its history, and some of the different types. It is a very sweet sounding instrument that can be enjoyed whether you are a beginner wanting to learn, an experienced musician, or if you just enjoy music. Ever since the first time I heard the ukulele played I was astounded at how deep and resonant the sound came out, and at the time only had known it to be a souvenir, or a toy. I had a new found respect for the ukulele, which has stuck with me fourteen years later. As Queen Lili’ Uokalani suggested it was a gift that came to me. Visual 1. Ukulele 2. Photo slides Bibliography Online "Ukulele." How Products Are Made. 2001. (April 11, 2012). "ukulele." The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed.. 2011. 11 Apr. 2012 . "All About Ukuleles, How To Play Ukulele, Hawaiian Music And More." All About Ukuleles, How To Play Ukulele, Hawaiian Music And More. Web. 12 Mar. 2012. "Ukulele tricks." Ukulele Sizes – Soprano, Concert, Tenor & Baritone by Brett McQueen. Web. 12 Mar. 2012 Books Beloff, Jim. The Ukulele: A Visual History. San Francisco: Miller Freeman Books, 1997. Rev, Lil'. Hal
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