The Ultimate Gift From The Movie Is Giving Someone Else A Blessing

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The ultimate gift from the movie is giving someone else a blessing. Throughout the movie, Jason had to learn how to help others during their time of need. Howard Steven wanted his grandson to experience the change of good by putting himself in someone else’s lifestyle. Jason blessed people by giving money or just been there during their time of need. By giving someone a blessing is like a miracle for some people. The most important characters were Jason Stevens. Emily Rose, Howard Stevens, Theophillus Hamilton, Catlin and Alexis. Jason Steven is the grandson of Howard Stevens. Jason grows up been spoiled and get everything he wants without working for it. He believes his last name makes him “highly respectable.” Jason is like Saul before God turned Saul into Paul. Saul believes he could kill any Christian because he does not believe in the savior. Jason and Saul are alike, because they both were knocked off their high horse, so they could learn important lessons. Jason lost all his expensive lifestyle to learn how it like to work for something, while Saul lost his vision for three days, so he could have realized he needs to have faith during his darkest hours. Jason and Saul changed to better men during the hardest days and learned about great God is. The character Howard Stevens is a rich man, but known as a bitter man to his own family. Howard Stevens helped the ones, who was in needed or just need someone to be there. He used his death to get his grandson back after

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