The Ultimate Goal For Most People

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Melissa Schneider PHI 108 3/4/17 The ultimate goal for most people is to lead successful and happy lives. Success can be defined in many different ways based upon a person’s goals and life experiences. In order to achieve any goals, extensive work must be put forth by oneself without relying on others help. Though it seems clear to me that hard work will most definitely lead to success, some people believe the opposite. This position takes the stance that hard work essentially is not the reason for success and that outside forces that out of one’s control may overpower extensive work. The idea that hard work is not enough to succeed and that it is a waste of time and energy. This comes from the idea that hard external work is not nearly…show more content…
In fact, it is very important to incorporate self work and habits into one’s journey for success but it is only part of the journey. Imagine you were only to work on your habits and ideas without furthering achievements in external work. Working on one’s personal mannerisms as well as work mannerisms are interdependent. One can not succeed externally without succeeding internally as well, one cannot happen without the other. Another strong societal idea is motivation. Although one may receive an hourly wage or a fixed salary at their current position, and working hard may seem like a waste of energy, it is not. What happened to climbing the career ladder? One must be committed to their career path and work hard to attain higher positions, in which lies the higher salaries. Many people do not stay fixed in one career position their whole life and the ones that do advance are the people who engage themselves. A superior will not help a worker through an advancement. Superiors value the workers who show effort even though there is no specific incentive for a specific position. In the long run, the big picture incentive is advancing along the career ladder and career path to gain the things a worker wants. Though my belief conflicts with the idea of self investment and validation from others, it seems to me that those two ideas conflict themselves. There are many pressures facing the blossoming worker today including society and family. While it is
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