`` The Ultimate Measure Of A Man `` By Martin Luther King Jr.

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As stated by Martin Luther King Jr, ‘the ultimate measure of a man is where he stands at times of challenge and controversy’ accurately portrays the bildungsroman - To Kill A Mockingbird - a novel set in the Old South during 1930s where racial segregation shunned African Americans from society. Attorney at law, Atticus Finch, confronts the judicial system exploring themes of ethics and justice regarding white superiority. Scout explores themes of gender inequality and courage while Boo Radley relates to Impaired judgement resulting in prejudice and good vs. evil. Each character has a challenge they face which portrays their ultimate measure as a man.

During the 1930s, white supremacy was at its peak even though slavery was brought to an end and families were torn apart as a result of the Great Depression. Despite the hardships, Atticus raises both children on his own to be respectful and intelligent beings, taking on their father’s moral. Even though Atticus is a part of the supreme white community, he is one of the minor characters who does not conform with his community due to his pessimistic views on the white supremacy highly evident within the novel. An action as simple as being in defence of a ‘black’ man against a white in white-dominated court, juxtaposes Atticus to society resulting in a man vs. society conflict.This Portrays that he is willing to sacrifice his reputation and highly respected family name in times corruption to stand for what is nondiscriminatory in…

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