The Ultimate Struggle

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“The Ultimate Struggle”, in the search for a national government was the military conflict with Great Britain, and the political battle in America. The Americans were in a great debate about whether to create their own independence from Great Britain and how to structure the nation as independent. The Articles of Confederation were brought into play in November of 1777 but did not make a clear statement that the Congress was to be a real government creating a war. Many of the so called states had a hard time dealing with this. There was no ways to find the necessary supplies and logistics for a war without the trade routes to Britain being open. Supply and demand was slim. The Americans mostly relied on the surplus of the items they took…show more content…
Many say that they were not respected. The British refused to send an ambassador to America and ignored John Adams when he came there to resolve the problem of the British honoring their claim to make restitution to the slave owners. In 1786 the Treaty of Spain recognized Florida as a boundary, America recognized the Spanish territory and put a 20 year limit on the Mississippi. The Ordinance of 1784 divided the western territory in to 10 self-governing districts in which would petition for state hood once the population exceeded the smallest state to avoid creating second class citizens. After the Revolutionary, War many Indians were still a problem to the Colonist. There were many treaties were made, but not kept. After a series of failed treaties, violence erupted and battles were taking place in the western territories. Many Americans lost their life around the Ohio and Wabash rivers. Although many Americans lost their life they ended up avenging their deaths in the battle of fallen timber ending the Indian disputes. Overall the successes and failures in the search of a National Government had there up and downs. There were many things that were successes and many failures even though the American Revolution solved many of problems of the new nation. (Vannavong, 2012) (McGinn,
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