The Ultimate Test For Any Idea

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EPR Paradox
The ultimate test for any idea, ranging from abstract philosophical concepts to objective scientific theories, is the reality. What makes us to believe whether something is right or wrong is how much that “thing” is compatible with reality. In physics, reality is the direct result of an experiment; thus, we are forced to think about reality as “observable reality”. In fact, the distinction between reality and observable reality is extremely important, since as a consequence of this distinction, a logically correct theory may not necessary be correct while a logically non-satisfying theory may be completely correct (if it is also able to predict the result of a series of experiments). Reality can encompasses any logical idea whether observable or unobservable, but observable reality consist of only observable phenomena whether or not they seem logical. In the case of Einstein’s gedanken experiment concerning Quantum Mechanics –known as EPR or EPR Paradox- we face the exact same difficulty; either taking EPR’s word for believing in logically desirable physical explanations, or just relying on experiments’ results and their consistency with quantum mechanics which are far from being logically satisfying. In this paper, I shall tackle both EPR gedanken experiment and the results of an experiment that contrasts EPR logical statements in order to see if I can address the EPR paradox once for all. In Can Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be
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