The Ultimate Weapon

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..” –Movie Coach Carter This quote directly relates to our worlds power over nuclear weapons. The fear in this debate is not that we do not have a weapon strong enough, but we have a weapon that is unrivaled by any other. There is only one thing nuclear weapons have been used for it is the very reason they were created. Because of there killing power it was only natural they were made for war. Nuclear weapons are a too powerful of a weapon for anyone, or any country to have access to. Safety protocols make it impossible for nuclear weapons to be harmful when not fired. Wrong! The problems with nuclear weapons start even before…show more content…
The Nuclear Weapons are not bad. It is the people who use them that are the real evil! The Nuclear weapon is just a tool (Rethinking). This is partly true, but we live in a world where not everyone has the same morals. There are corrupt and bad people in powerful positions in the world. To some people firing a nuclear weapon for their personal gain is the easy thing to do. But if the person did not have access to them, then the problem would never arise. But unfortunately there are 9 countries in the world with at least 10 nuclear weapons. This world rarely faces a problem that has the potential to kill off humanity. But Nuclear weapons have this potential. There are currently 17,000, known bombs (How). If for some reason, whether if it were WW3 or something else, if the world fired all these off strategically at big cities, easily over half of the world’s population would be killed off almost instantly. And the pandemonium wouldn’t stop there. Governments would collapse and without rule the survivors would soon be on their own. The spread of soot would be so drastic it would change climates, and drastically speed up global warming (Jha). The radiation from the bombs explosion would be in higher concentration and would slowly diffuse across continents to areas of low radiation. This would cause dead zones where most animals, humans being one,
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