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Power is several things, Strategies to overcome opposition: persuade, reward, coerce (power to, power over). It is the capability to be in command of people in their Sayings and/or actions. It is the ability to get whatever you desire. Power is a crucial element in any society, or else all mayhem would break loose; leaders must be ascertained. But, when taken to an intense, power is not good, and chaos will eventually occur.
Power is being exercise in so many ways by persuading people's compliance by convincing them of the rightness of your position and goals. For example recently presented the State of the Union The reform of America's training programs to improve training on the job, and to create more apprenticeship programs that is
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The rules are made to keep control, and the referees have power to enforce these rules. Without rulings, players would be doing whatever they wanted every time they wanted. If the player's incidents would have taken place somewhere other than a field court he perhaps would be in trouble with the law. If he were to dispute with a police officer, for example, the same way he did with the referee, he probably would be put in jail or at very least get fined. Well, the NFL is not going the same punishment as the police officer, but they did fine the player and suspend him for a couple of games. Basically the player is as bad as any street rebellion.. There will always be people, like that player, trying to have power over a situation when they can't. Any criminal is trying to do exactly that. They are trying to set their own rules. When caught for this, they're disciplined; they are penalized by people who have power. Power is acquired in a couple ways. You can either earn it, or it can be given to you. But power is not necessarily a feature that a person has until they know somebody who does. For example, a person who is a manager’s best friend tends to dislike his co-workers. While power is something that can be good or bad, liked or disliked, it is frequently being put to bring into play to be in command of people. And without the existence of power, there is no association and everything is in turmoil. For that being said every person is in
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