The Unacceptable Act of Child Abuse

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Abusing Children is Cruelty and is Never Acceptable It goes without saying that any child who has not reached the age of adulthood yet needs to be treated with care, love, and understanding. Abusing children is acceptable under no circumstances because abusing them not only violates their human rights and dignity but also puts them at greater risk since psychological effects of abusing children may be much higher than the effects of abusing adults (though neither is acceptable). However, this simple principle of respecting children's immature mental state and their innocence has been historically ignored. As a result, human beings, including immediate family members, have practiced horrific ways of child abuse. Until human beings realize that children are at the age where no abuse is acceptable and embrace this principle with their hearts and souls, abusing of children unfortunately will continue. In a New York Times article, dated 22 November 1987, a reporter quotes a program director of the Child Protective Services of the Department of Social Services, saying that the higher number of child abuses resulted from "a tremendous amount of stress" parents suffered from, because, America she said, had become "a very mobile society" as a result leading "to great difficulties in a parent's expectations of his child's capabilities" (Tessa, 1987). In my opinion, that was a disingenuous statement. Moreover, it sounds like an attempt to sympathize with abusive parents and lay

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